As early as I can remember art has been a force that’s captivated my every thought. I’ve always felt the visual creation of our own thoughts and perspectives are invaluable and crucial to our human existence.

As a child growing up in Guatemala, I understood the beauty in traditions and craftsmanship yet never thought twice about the abundance of culture and art around me. When I relocated to Los Angeles the shift was difficult. The city felt very foreign to me. Art however, was not. This was the perfect time to develop and explore a curiosity I’d always had about my own heritage making the Maya civilization my main inspiration. From the majestic ruins of Tikal in a sea of green nature to the very mysterious glyphs, it all fascinated me! 

This led to my current work, an ode to my old world. And having focused on my early roots I began to think about my present life. How do I view the world today? Where’s the connection between the two places? The concept of landscape became relevant to me. Landscape in two different places, but more importantly landscape in general. It is here where all walks of life come together and add to the multifaceted landscape we call home. 

Inspired by my new landscape, my work is often made with layers and texture and pattern. Combining all these elements is where I find my sweet spot.